welcome to fern house

what is this place?

Fern House is for wanderers, dreamers and those who are lost. It is a forgotten place that is now thriving; it's many rooms are overgrown, tangled and wild. Take your time here. Explore and see what you can find.

Fern House is: a garden, a room and is handmade.

who tends to it?

Hi, I'm Flik (they/them) and I'm the author, architect and gardener of this space. Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm a gamemaker and researcher. I dabble in both digital and analogue games and like to make games about connection, exploration and discovery. Fern House is a space for me to have fun and experiment.

why does it exist?

Fern House is inspired by overgrown places, botantic gardens, collage art, and ghost stories. As well as the likes of Tetrageddon, Cicada Marionette, Myst, and The League of Lonely Geologists. I wanted to create a playful space that encouraged exploration; a space you could wander through and get lost in. Setting it inside a house just felt right and allows me to organise the content into different rooms. How it's organised makes sense to me and it's up to you to explore (good luck).

how was this space made?

This site was made possible thanks to these resources, tools, tutorials and assets: